Postgraduate level (Greece)

2008-2013    Italian Language and Culture Programme, Department of Italian Language and Literature, AUTH.

  •  Preparation of courses and teaching materials (27215)
  •  Academic text attributes and drafting techniques (27106)
  • Theoretical and Applied linguistics IV (Visual literacy in language training) (27214)

2005-2011    ‘Translation and Interpreting’ Programme, Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme, AUTH. 

  • Translation of general texts from Italian into Greek I and II
  • Translation of special texts I

2010-2013    ‘Cultural Management’ Programme, Hellenic Open University.

  • Course: Management of cultural phenomena (DPM 50)

2011-2012    ‘Cultural Studies: Semiotic Structures and Practices’ Programme, Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Western Macedonia

  • Theory of semiotics within the framework of cultural studies and political economy (one semester, on assignment)