Lectures and Talks

2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012  Talks given on `Studies at Aristotle University’ under the aegis of AUTH, in collaboration with the Secondary Education Directorate’s Career Guidance and Counselling Centres in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. Capacity: representative of the Department of Italian Language and Literature. Aim: presentation of Department.

2010    `The image as a sign, with emphasis on advertising’. Lecture, Akto-Art and Design Liberal Studies Centre, Thessaloniki, 1 October, 4 hours.

2012    ‘Semiotic aspect in advertising: the case study of vegetarianism’. Lecture, at Cyprus University of Technology, Department of Multimedia and Graphic Art, Limassol, 4 hours.

2012    ‘The semiology of objects’. Lecture, Inter-university Postgraduate Programme in Museology, AUTH. Module IV: Applied Museology, 4 hours.