Translations and Editing

6/2000    Gikopoulos, F. & A. Christodoulou (eds.) (2000). Italian Language and Literature in Europe in 2000. A look at civil society. Proceedings of the 2nd Italian Studies Conference, Thessaloniki, January 2000. 
Edited volume (in collaboration).

7/2004    Tsoukala, K., E. Hontolidou, A. Christodoulou, J. Michaelides (eds.) (2004). Semiotic Systems and Communication. Practice, Interaction, Circumstance and Change. Proceedings of the 6th Panhellenic Semiotics Conference of the Hellenic Semiotics Society. Thessaloniki: Paratiritis.
Edited volume (in collaboration).

8/2012    Fabbri, P. (2012). The semiotic turn. Thessaloniki: University Studio Press. Translated into Greek and edited by E. Kourdis and A. Christodoulou.
Greek translation and editing of the Italian book by Paolo Fabbri, (2001), La svolta semiotica, Roma: Laterza & Figli Spa

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