Postgraduate project supervision and participation in postgraduate project committees



  • Charitatos, D. (2012). A tendency towards a ‘new’ semiotic theory of objects in a socio-economic environment, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Supervision of PhD theses in progress

  • Charitatos, D. (year of entry: 2008). Semiotics and cultural perception of the industrial object. Function and meaning, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Katsaridou, M. (year of entry: 2010). Social production and ideology in animation, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Mavini, H. (year of entry: 2011). Semiotic analysis in museum environments, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Participation in advisory committees for completed PhD theses

  • Spyridonidis, H. (2012). The Italian cultural influence of translations in Koventareios Municipal Library of Kozani, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Participation in committees for PhD theses in progress

  • Kartsaka, E. (year of entry: 2010). Illustration as a conveyor of social issues and values in contemporary children’s books, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Fokionas, E. (year of entry: 2011). The presentation of cultural elements and the stereotypes reflected in modern Italian and Spanish foreign language textbooks, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Vazoura, G. (year of entry: 2010). History textbooks of general education for the third year of the General Lyceum (2002-2009). Quantitative and qualitative analysis, University of Western Macedonia.
  • Mpika, S. (year of entry: 2012). The presence of art and its relationship with literary texts in the textbooks of secondary education in Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Supervision of completed bachelor’s theses

  • Dima, c. (2011). Municipal cultural communication. The example of the Municipality of Kropia, Hellenic Open University.
  • Mpasakos, d. (2011). Cultural administrators and the management of the cultural reserve. The case of prehistoric and classical antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Hellenic Open University.
  • Moutafi, e. (2011). The investigation of the role of cultural institutions in the development of local communities. The case of Tripolis, Hellenic Open University.
  • Giannaklis, d. (2012). Navarino Natura Hall by Hellenic Postbank. Study of communication in the interactive environmental space on Navarino Dunes in Costa Navarino in Messinia, Hellenic Open University.
  • Zacharopoulou, M. (2012). Museum and School: educational programme design based on the school curriculum for the Archaeological Museum of Hora, in. Messinia Prefecture, according to modern museum education methods, Hellenic Open University.
  • Papangelopoulou, L. (2012). Communications policy in the regions. The example of the Municipal Art Gallery of Patra. Comparative study with the Koumantareio Gallery of Sparta, Hellenic Open University.
  • Simatou, L. (2012). Cultural programs as a coping mechanism for social and learning inequalities in elementary school, Hellenic Open University.

Supervision of bachelor’s theses in progress

  • Kleidara, H. (year of entry: 2011). The function of the image in the test papers of the State Language Proficiency Certificate, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Terzopoulou, E. (year of entry: 2011). Towards a typology of translators’ present perfect, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Stavrou, A. (year of entry: 2013). School mathematics textbooks used in the third year of elementary school. Semiotic analysisValues and Culture.

Participation in committees for completed bachelor’s theses

  • Karolidou, E. (2007). Comparison of initial training of French, German and Italian language teachers, A.U.TH.
  • Psarrou, S. (2008). Development of analysis grid for cultural elements in foreign language textbooksThe case of English and Italian textbooks, A.U.TH.
  • Chalkidou, S. (2008). The teaching of grammar in modern teaching  literature, A.U.TH.
  • Votti, O. (2010). Annotated translation: The absurd war journey. The war in Albania in Yiannis Beratis’ Platy Potami and Mario Rigoni Stern’s Quota Albania, A.U.TH.
  • Semertzakis, E. (2011). Attitudes of secondary school pupils in Cyprus towards standard modern Greek. The Semiotics of a Linguistic Ideology, A.U.TH.
  • Plafountzi, D. (2011). The operation and contribution of the Digital Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games in ancient Olympia. Differences and similarities in the design of a digital museum versus a traditional museum. A comparative study of the digital technology used by the specific Museum and that used by similar digital museums in Greece, HOU.
  • Stratigakou, M. (2011). The presentation of the new Archaeological Museum of Messinia: transition from the old to the new museum and facing the challenges of the 21st century, HOU.
  • Spanoudaki, E. (2011). The cultural message, HOU.
  • Karastamati, A. (2011). Museums, the elderly and inequality in the access to culture. A public survey in the city of Thessaloniki, HOU.
  • Michalopoulou, S. (2012). Intersemiotic translation in textbooks. The case of two methods of teaching French as a foreign language in high school, French Department, A.U.TH.
  • Hatzopoulou, B. (2012). Annotated translation: ‘Le vaccinazioni obbligatorie e le vaccinazioni raccomandate’ – Mandatory vaccination and recommended vaccination, A.U.TH.
  • Pavlidou, L. (2012). Annotated translation: Immigrant deportations in Libya. Are they legal, effective, appropriate and fair, or not? A.U.TH.
  • Neratzakis, p. (2012). Administrative issues of theatrical cultural organisations. The case study of the Municipal Regional Theatre of Kavala, HOU.
  • Mpagia, E. (2012). The utilisation of local historical monuments as sites for cultural institutions to be built: the  Catherine Laskaridou Foundation in the city of Piraeus, HOU.
  • Demertzi, D. (2012). Digital communication and cultural sector. Websites promoting  free cultural products and services. Dimensions of democracy at the local level, HOU.

 Participation in examining committees for bachelor’s theses in progress

  • Latinopoulou, E. (year of entry: 2010). Manifestations of urban culture: street culture as a motivation for language learning, A.U.TH.
  • Koulioufa, B. (year of entry: 2011). Interlingual and intersemiotic translation: film posters in French, English and Greek, A.U.TH.