Participation in research projects

1995      LINGUA -CAPRE DM (as researcher)
Research package. Development of teaching material for journalists and administrative staff to learn Italian (group work). Duration: 60 hours (headed by Prof. V. Tokatlidou).

1996      Organisation of library of Department of Italian Language and Literature. Duration: 1.3.1996-31.5.1996 (headed by M. Ditsa).

1998      Foreign language training in the economic and international relations sectors using information technologies (as researcher)
Research package. Development of teaching material in the Italian language after the collection and organisation of printed material from the Italian press, for the development of teaching materials that will support an Alternative Programme of Study (6 topics of economic content: unemployment, international relations, trade, monetary union, companies, banks) (headed  by Prof. V. Tokatlidou).

2000      High school history textbooks  from the viewpoint of teachers and students (as researcher)
Member of basic research team, for a project carried out for the Centre for School Book Research and Cross-cultural Education (KESVIDE), Education Department, A.U.TH., (team coordinator: K. Mponidis).

2000      The European dimension in Greek school books (as researcher)
Researcher in the programme carried out for the Centre for School Book Research and Cross-cultural Education (KESVIDE), (team coordinator: A. Kapsalis).

2007      Detection of social needs for the language certifications for special use of language  
Researcher in the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training. Duration of employment (contract) from: 1/3/2007 until 31/12/2007, and 1/1/2008 until 30/6/2008 (headed by  Prof. A. Koiliari).

2007      Practical training for students of the Department of Italian Language and Literature
Head Supervisor in the in the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training, in the `Language and Culture’ field, code 81032; from 01/04/2007 until 30/06/2007 (headed by Prof. A. Mpousmpoukis).

2010       Art as a channel for the integration of immigrants. Programme for Immigrants, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, European Integration Fund, European Union, Ministry of the Interior, Decentralisation and E-Government. Priority Number and Title: 1. Implementation of actions for the practical application of “Common basic principles of political integration of immigrants in the European Union”. Code and Title of Action: 09/1.2. (Duration: 1 year).
Participated in the programme with the following responsibilities: (a) the theoretical support of the Action and the study of the work produced for the preparation and creative operation of the workshops, (b) the study of the work  in progress with regard to the objectives that were set and the individuals that will participate, (c) the study and writing of supporting material that was used in the exhibition and in the publication with the same title as the exhibition.

2010      Proposal for the development of a programme in the Department of Museum Education Programmes of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, for the implementation of educational activities centred around the topic ‘Values in our life’. The proposal was accepted after the submission of a written proposal on the educational plan. Participated as a special external adviser (A. Christodoulou and E. Kartsaka). The proposal was implemented between September 2010 and June 2011 in 24 two-hour meetings that took place during the three art workshops that the MMCA holds on a weekly basis. The workshops were attended by 440 children aged 4-11 years. The content of the programme focused on the utilisation of 12 living values – selected from UNESCO’s list of values using their social dimension as a criterion – in the framework of the museum education practices applied by the MMCA. It constitutes an innovative application of such topics in an informal learning museum environment. Two day-long training seminars were organised as part of the programme for the 28 museum educators working in the above workshops, in addition to an informative meeting on `values education’ for the parents of the children attending the workshops.

2010      NEW SCHOOL (School of the 21st century), New programme of study, Priority Axes 1, 2, 3; Horizontal Action
Expert in the scientific field ‘Foreign Languages’, Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning, Frame of action.
Research Package. Publication of Single Program of Study for Foreign Languages ( (Headed by  Prof. V. Dendrinou).

2010       Connection of French and Italian language certification with education (as researcher)
Action: Differentiated and Graded National Language Examinations, Action Code: 217, Project Code: 86661
Research package: Theoretical framework of syllabi, development of Italian syllabus for high school pupils (headed by Prof. T. Nenopoulou), (two years).

2012      Semiotic analysis of the intangible value of merchandise in periods of economic crisis (headed by A. Christodoulou).
Financing: A.U.TH. Research Committee (call for proposals issued by the Research Committee to aid research activity at A.U.TH. 2011 and evaluation of proposal). Duration: one year.